Wassailing the Pawpaw Trees of Accotink Park

Whether you believe in a spiritual existence that hums and thrives below the veil of materiality or not–the simple act of stopping to reflect, to breathe, to say thank you. . . this act of recognizing our place in the greater scheme of things. . . is itself significant. The web of our existences might be reenergized, our own energies reset.

Incense Making on Christmas Day

I’ve always been a fan of incense and flower waters/herbal infusions; I use them almost every day to keep the air and energies of my home/mind/body balanced and fresh. (As within, so without). I particularly love woodsy scents that serve triple duty, freshening the house, grounding me and dispelling any pent up, unwanted, or unproductive energies. There’s something […]

Beith: Birch

I have a childhood memory of a birch forest in early spring. . . we were driving out to the peninsula (near lake Huron) where my dad went to summer camp. The trees–smaller birches mostly–had trunks that were the most striking ghostly white color. In my memory, their newly unfurled leaves were a just awakened yellow-green […]